A COVID-19 Update from our Chief Medical Officer

May 08, 2020 As Boston MedFlight’s Chief Medical Officer, I am humbled to work every day with incredible colleagues whose clinical expertise and compassionate approach to patient care make them the gold standard in the field of Critical Care Transport. As our region, and the nation, faces the COVID-19 pandemic, our teams are on the front lines of caring for the sickest and most vulnerable patients.

While our vehicles – critical care ground ambulances, helicopters and airplane – are state of the art and equipped to serve as mobile ICUs, it is truly the people of Boston MedFlight who make our program so extraordinary. Our critical care nurses and critical care paramedics have extensive training and experience, giving them the ability to adapt to ever-changing conditions and circumstances. They practice the highest level of emergency and critical care medicine. These attributes along with Boston MedFlight’s commitment to ongoing clinical education and medical oversight, means that our crews are able to provide a level of care to COVID-19 patients that few other EMS providers can deliver.

Of the several thousand COVID-19 patients in our region, we are called on to provide care and transport to the sickest among them. Because, in our daily work before the pandemic, we routinely transported patients who required complex mechanical ventilation and intensive support, we are uniquely qualified to handle the cases involving COVID-19 patients. Given our experience in managing the most severe and complicated cases, and working in partnership with our Associate Medical Directors representing the Boston area’s major tertiary hospitals, our teams are adept at adjusting protocols and developing best practices to most effectively serve our patients’ needs.

In just the past several weeks, Boston MedFlight has transported over 400 COVID-19 patients, and on some days as many as 12-15 in a single 24-hour period. These are complicated, time-intensive transports requiring clinical expertise and advanced medicine. Our teams continue to capably and selflessly serve our patients, and I am grateful for their efforts every day.


Jason Cohen, D.O., FACEP, FCCM
Chief Medical Officer

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